Picnic Steam Train

The Picnic Steam Train provides a memorable experience for the whole family. Take a trip from Maitland to Dungog on a steam train for a magnificent taste of nostalgia. The trip begins at Maitland Railway Station and travels along the scenic North Coast line and stops at Dungog long enough to alight and take a stroll up the picturesque Dungog main street. There is time to check out the Historic James Theatre and perhaps buy a snack to enjoy as a picnic in a park or take it back to the train. The stop in Dungog is about an hour but will vary depending on timing. ​

The town centre in Dungog is a short walk from the railway station and you will have ample time to visit this delightful country town before the return trip to Maitland. The trip is ideal for small and big children alike!

​At Dungog you will also have time to see the steam locomotive up close, speak to the drivers and crew and see just what it takes to make it all happen.

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